Mouth to Mouth by Mental as Anything

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Mouth to Mouth by Mental as Anything
Mouth to Mouth by Mental as Anything

Album Released: 1987

Mouth to Mouth ::: Artwork

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1.Dont Tell Me Now3:50
2.My Door Is Always Open to You4:00
3.Put Me Back4:30
4.Let's Go to Paradise3:17
5.The Mad King5:14
6.He's Just No Good for You3:26
7.Thinking Out Loud3:49
8.Stay At Home Girl3:09
9.Mouth to Mouth3:47
10.I'm Glad3:17
11.Wandering Through Heaven3:58


Mental As Anything's sixth album has a more glossy production than what they had been associated with in the past, but the result remains one of the band's best releases, and was also another hit.

Like he did with the previous Fundamental, Greedy Smith again dominates, and he does so with some of his best songs. "Let's Go to Paradise" and the glorious "He's Just No Good for You" were deserved hits in Australia, but "My Door Is Always Open to You" and the giddily mysterious "Mouth to Mouth" also have much to offer with their grabbing melodies and arrangements.

Greedy also has fun singing Peter O'Doherty's somewhat less impressive "I'm Glad". O'Doherty shines however when he sings his other track, "The Mad King", a haunting piece which complements Smith's offerings nicely.

The rest of the material is a bit hit-and-miss. Martin Plaza - so often the band's dominant member - opens things with the fine single "Don't Tell Me Now", but "Put Me Back" and "Thinking Out Loud", while nice enough, don't really take the breath away.

And while Reg Mombassa's songs "Stay at Home Girl", and the concluding "Wandering Through Heaven", are likewise beguiling, they're a bit nondescript. It could also be said that a bit of the band's characteristic humour and quirkiness is missing from much of the material.

Overall however, Mouth to Mouth really comes together very well indeed. Greedy shines for sure, but the band as a whole continues to show they have a knack for crafty pop numbers which grab the listener and refuse to let it go.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor