Groove by Eurogliders

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Groove by Eurogliders
Groove by Eurogliders

Album Released: 1988

Groove ::: Artwork

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2.It Must Be Love3:52
3.What's the Point4:41
5.Lights Go Red4:17
9.Walk On Water5:51


After Absolutely!, Eurogliders went from six members to the essential duo of Bernie Lynch and Grace Knight, with various session musicians (including former guitarist Crispin Akerman) with this, their last album (until their return many years later), and, perhaps surprisingly, it's quite a strong listen.

The soul leanings of the band's previous release give way to a return to the more pop orientation of the band's earlier, better work, Lynch's songs again offering verses which build up to repetitive and catchy choruses, although there is a bit of a stronger emphasis on guitars than in the past.

"Listen", "It Must Be Love", "Lights Go Red", and "Groove" are among the best, with songs like "Lights" enhancing its sound with effective electronic trickery that gives it a dynamic mood. The concluding "Walk On Water" is similar, with its cacophony of sound and driving bass.

There are a couple of comparative weaknesses, with "What's the Point" and "Dreaming" not quite making the grade, although they're not bad songs in themselves, while Lynch and Grace, as they have done in the past, share lead vocals from song to song.

Over the span of four albums, Eurogliders were a fine Australian group, and although This Island remains their definite career highlight, their whole discography is one worth seeking out, Groove certainly included.

After this release, it was the end of the road for the band, and Knight went on to pursue a jazz career, before Eurogliders came back in 2005 for a reasonably worthy self-titled effort.

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