Even Worse by Weird Al Yankovic

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Even Worse by Weird Al Yankovic
Even Worse by Weird Al Yankovic

Album Released: 1988

Even Worse ::: Artwork

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2.Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White5:01
3.(This Song's Just) Six Words Long3:37
4.You Make Me3:05
5.I Think I'm a Clone Now3:19
9.Velvet Elvis4:30
11.Good Old Days3:20


Weird Al's career looked to be on the skids after the underwhelming Polka Party! (he even thought so himself), but once more, Michael Jackson came to the rescue, not only with Al's adaption of the song "Bad", but even with the parody of the album cover. I remember bursting out laughing when I first saw it.

This is certainly an improvement over Polka Party!, and, again, it's the originals which are among the best, primarily the fantastic threesome, "Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White", "You Make Me", and "Good Old Days".

"Stuck" finds him in rocking mode, as he sits in a psychiatrist's office telling him about crazy dreams he's been having (when I bought this album, I had no idea who this American icon Vanna White was - I've since wised up), while "You Make Me" is an oddball pop/love song, reportedly in the style of Oingo Boingo (when I'm with you I don't know whether I should study Neurosurgey or go to see the Care Bears Movie).

But it's with the album closer "Good Old Days" where he really goes off the wall, a folk song with a psycho talking about the violent but beloved days he had in his youth. Somehow, Al manages to make something that should be sick, not sick.

Out of the 'parodies', "Fat" remains the best, with some pretty funny overweight jokes, while the rest, oddly - while all hits at the time of the album's release - were actually cover versions of older songs, those being "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long" (George Harrison), "I Think I'm A Clone Now" (Tiffany), "Lasagna" (Los Lobos), and "Alimony" (Billy Idol). None of them are brilliant, but remain reasonably entertaining. That leaves a few other originals which are, at best, passable.

Even Worse is a spotty effort from Al, with modest efforts mixed in with some decent stuff and a few classics, but those classics make the album worth the indulgence. It also revitalized the man's career, confirming that he was going to be around for a long time yet.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor