Face Dances by The Who

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Face Dances by The Who
Face Dances by The Who

Album Released: 1981

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1.You Better You Bet5:36
2.Don't Let Go The Coat3:43
3.Cache Cache3:57
4.The Quiet One3:09
5.Did You Steal My Money4:10
6.How Can You Do It Alone5:26
7.Daily Records3:27
9.Another Tricky Day4:55


Townshend delivers several good songs on Face Dances ... joyous pop explosions "You Better You Bet" and "Cache Cache", a more subdued pop explosion with "Don't Let Go the Coat", and a retread of "Guitar and Pen" (called "Daily Records") that's actually good (maybe because it's about half as long).

The bad stuff this time round includes the oh-so-annoying "Did You Steal My Money", and Entwistle's two songs. But hey, thumbs up for not immediately turning to crap.

As for the bonus tracks, "Somebody Saved Me" - despite the Elton John-ish title, is a nice ballad that Townshend recycled for his second solo album, and "I Like Nightmares" is a silly bit of fun. I can do without "It's In You" though, and the dull live jams.

by Reviewer: Cole Reviews

Face Dances was a minor comeback for The Who, though nobody realized it, making it probably the most under-rated album in the band's canon.

It's no masterpiece, but a pleasantly diverting power/pop gem nevertheless. Perhaps realizing they weren't going to credibly catch up with their punk proteges, The Who decided to take a few cues from that other band of late-70's Who disciples, the power popsters.

So Face Dances is an album of punchy melodic pop/rockers worthy of The Records, or 20/20, or Nick Lowe, or whatever, leading with "You Better You Bet", that drinks itself blind to the sound of old T. Rex (even if musically it's more of a cousin to Blondie's "Dreaming").

It's all very solid, and if ex-Faces Kenny Jones (hence the album title "Face Dances"?) isn't Keith Moon, it's not as big a deal as might be expected, since The Who are understandably playing it MOR and mid-tempo, avoiding any real overdrive.

Like The Who By Numbers, there aren't any really bad songs here (except for the whiny "Did You Steal My Money?"), but there aren't any "Baba O'Riley"s either. Still, don't write the album off just because it's 80's Who, and post-Moon.

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by Reviewer: Creative Noise