Who Came First by Pete Townshend

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Who Came First by Pete Townshend
Who Came First by Pete Townshend

Album Released: 1972

Who Came First ::: Artwork

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1.Pure And Easy5:25
3.Forever's No Time At All2:50
4.Nothing Is Everything (Let's See Action)6:15
5.Time Is Passing3:25
6.Heartache (There's A Heartache Following Me)3:15
7.Sheraton Gibson2:40


Who Came First is a pleasant enough album, that sees Townshend paying tribute to his deceased mentor Meher Baba. The opener "Pure and Easy" is one of Townshend's greatest songs, and ex-Faces Ronnie Lane follows that with the modestly charming "Evolution".

The album's overall sound is thin, but modestly charming is in fact a description that typifies the album as a whole - it's all good, except for the overlong religious hymn on Side Two, and though solo Townshend lacks the power and majesty of The Who, the album would be a good investment for Who/Townshend fans.

by Reviewer: Creative Noise