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Album opener "Heatseeker" is such a great song, and not because I have huge honkin' memories of flailing my little 12-year-old head about to it. It's fast! It's got all kinds of movement! Maybe it's not the band's best riff, or the most melodic song I've ever heard, but it rocks! AC/DC's songwriting is ALIVE again!

If Johnson was losing his voice last time, and covering it up in a bunch of distasteful reverb, he's now completely lost it. Screeching through all these songs, Mr. Razorcords just sorta blasts himself all over these tracks in a manner that most listeners would find 'annoying'. Makes my throat itch just listening to it. And that's probably the biggest negative about Blow Up Your Video - "Ruff Stuff" for example, is simply unlistenable - clear your throat, Johnson!

A second problem is that - other than the hi-hat cymbal and godforsaken snare drum - I can't tell any of the different instruments apart in this mix. The two guitars sound like one big mushy echoey overdriven instrument, and there's NO bass unless he just lets some huge stick-out lick fly. Icky.

The third problem is the band's retard drummer - Jesus, that guy does the same four on the floor on every song here. I'm sure even I could drum better than that guy ... click-click-click-Boom-click! click-click-click-Boom-click! click-click-click-Boom-click! See, I'm the AC/DC drummer!

Still, some of the songs are interesting, creative even. "Meanstreak" is like, funk and stuff; "That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll" is another decent fast boogie, so the 'creative' tag doesn't apply for that one - anthemic chorus, dull verse. And that, with "Heatseeker", makes two fast-ass tracks, something to be thankful for at this late date for AC/DC.

"Nick of Time" is sorta complicated and Rush-sounding in places (maybe not, but I'm sticking with that impression). In contrast, "Some Sin for Nuthin" isn't complicated, but it sounds kinda unsettled, like in the way the beat keeps heaving along and turning around. I like it, it's different.

Likewise "Two's Up", which is even sorta 'dark' and 'dramatic' if you know what I mean, and although Johnson sounds like a muppet, listen to the cool guitar lines, the solo, and the backup choruses ... whee! And "This Means War" is fast and catchy ... double whee!

"Go Zone" however is a duffer track, and "Kissin' Dynamite" is boring. "Ruff Stuff" I already mentioned, Johnson sounds awful on all those songs. Overall though, it's not a bad batting average.

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by Reviewer: Capt Bonanza

Posted: Sunday 17th Feb 2019 9:21 AM
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Divinyls' third album was always going to struggle coming after the classic What A Life! from 1985, and it certainly can't match it, but there's still much to like.

With the band now down to the essential duo of Christina Amphlett and Mark McEntee, with session musicians as needed, this has a harder rock edge than what had come before, yet they still know their way around decent melodies along with the feisty playing.

The opening "Temperamental" is an excellent start, while "Dance of Love", "Better Days", and "Run-a-Way Train" likewise provide driving rock that has a snarling swagger that nonetheless almost maintains something of a smooth, slick quality.

The lyrics are quite intelligent throughout, although "Dirty Love" brings in some of the sleaze that Amphlett needs to let out every now and again. And one cannot forget Chrissie's quite unique vocals - from the sweetness to the snarl, to the curious yodel she'll employ on a whim - this wouldn't be Divinyls without her.

What A Life! had not given the band the American exposure they were wanting, and this release didn't do it either. Criminally, they did eventually find such success, with that thing called "I Touch Myself", as well as releasing two more, limp albums, that only demonstrated the band were far past their best by then.

There is no justice in the world sometimes.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor

Posted: Monday 18th Feb 2019 9:04 AM
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